1. the mars volta, de-loused in the comatorium
2. the weakerthans, reconstruction site
3. death cab for cutie, transatlanticism
4. the jealous sound, kill them with kindness
5. explosions in the sky, the earth is not a cold dead place
6. the bled, pass the flask
7. ozma, spending time on the borderline
8. damone, from the attic
9. metric, old world underground, where are you now?
10. the sounds, living in america

2003 saw the release of more of my favorite albums than any other year. once, i made a “desert island picks” shelf in my cd collection, and the first 6 albums here were on it (out of about 15). in my opinion, all ten of these albums are each respective band’s best album (though admittedly, some of these bands haven’t got more than a couple full lengths out, and kill them with kindness is the jealous sound’s only album). if any of these albums had been released in a different year, they would vie for the #1 spot. several albums that didn’t make this list (rooney, alkaline trio, postal service) would also rank very high most other years.


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