day one: williamstown, nj

a nice short drive to the suburbs of philly, and an awesome show at a house in the woods. we saw an enormous spider perched on the bathroom window, a cat tried to stow away in our van, and amy drove down from metuchen for the show. we got some post-show wawa, and headed for amy’s.

day two: danbury, ct

beach day! amy took us to a beach that was apparently located in a cloud. a picnic was eaten, humorous conversations were overheard, and we decided to leave when a busload of idiots arrived. after a barbeque, we hit the road. our route took us across the brooklyn bridge, which we now hate. $9 to sit in line for half an hour, and be repeatedly misled by signs. when we finally got to danbury, our dirrections didn’t really help us find the club. the show was small but fun, and the last band is awesome (bad flirt, who just won a mary kate and ashley olsen band competition. i’m not sure i know what that means).

day three: new london, ct

we arrive early, but everything in town is already shut down for the day. so we walk around a bit, find some very good (but expensive) mexican food, and nap in the van until showtime. the show is fun, as is the night following the show. party-time at james’ house. no one goes to bed until 5 or 6, and a good time is had by all.

day four: summerville, ma

everyone sleeps late (me – 1:30), we clean up the previous night’s mess, and hit the road around 4. i get some free coffee in rhode island (my first experience with the smallest state), and we get to the venue early again. after some amazing thai food (drunken noodles!), we head back to the venue. the show is small, but good, and we stay with ashley (who played with me in the plus ones).

ps: celebrity fit club is the worst tv show i have ever seen.


for some reason, i never finished this one.


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