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dorky worlds colliding

oh, the internet. will you ever stop bringing me joy?

watch it (sadly, it’s not playable, but still well worth your time if you’re a huge dork that loves NES games and Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog) here.

not as easy as it looked…

i saw this on boing boing, and i had to make it.

(design courtesy of

some of the directions were a little vague (“somehow, tape (1) to (2)”), so a little improvising was necessary.

next: i may attempt their Hindenburg design. but this one looked to be the easier of the two, so i’m a little worried as to how that one will turn out…


try this next time you receive fortune cookies at the end of a meal:
1. have everyone tear their fortune down the middle as best they can without splitting any words in half (though word fragments are sometimes unavoidable)
2. pass the right half to the person on your right (and receive a new right half from the person on your left)
3. combine the new piece with the old one.

the result will be much funnier than “you are practical person with both feet on the ground… IN BED!” (and generally, better advice for today’s world).

i’ve built up quite a collection.

and my all-time favorite:

i can only assume that this is how they named the city

recycled garbage

just a quick post… i’ll probably do another “tour blog” later tonight.

check out this link to one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever heard: nickelback’s two biggest hits, played at the same time. they sync up exactly.


what a bunch of hacks.


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