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we’ve recorded a new album!

first, we recorded bass and drums with j robbins at magpie cage in baltimore:

then we recorded everything else (including hideous pink guitar) with wyatt funderburk in nashville:

then darth vader took a nap:

we recorded 12 songs, all of which should be on the as-of-yet untitled full length! out this spring on insubordination records!


spring tour blog VIII (finally)

DAY 26

unbeknownst to me, this morning would be the last time i’d have dependable internet access until we got home, thus the delay in getting this final blog posted.

we drove to chicago and met up with our old friend mappy. he took us to get delicious thai food, and then we attempted to go to the free zoo.

sadly, the zoo was closed, so i couldn’t do what the sign said. those people on the right look like they’re sinking into quicksand. whee!

our show as at a bar called quencher’s, who have always taken good care of us. unfortunately, we were the only band on the bill tonight (the local cancelled, and after us was open mic night), so we played for a small crowd, but a few friends came out which made it fun anyway.

DAY 27

our next show was in East Wonder Lake, which is only about an hour from chicago, so we slept very, very late. the wonderlake house is a punkhouse in a small suburb, and is awesome. before we played, the cops came by, but didn’t specifically say the show had to end, so we played anyway. this actually worked out very well, because it gave the show a sense of urgency, like every song might be the last one. a good time was had by all, and no one got arrested.

mr. boots has a new friend.

DAY 28

our last long drive of tour! 7 hours to cleveland, where our show had been moved from the now-defunct Davenport to the Soggy Dog House. we arrived early, so we went out for one of the few fast-food meals of this tour, at a chipotle across the street from this:

the show was the first of two nights with slingshot dakota, who rule. it was small, and full of PA problems, but fun nonetheless. afterwards, we drove to austintown, where Mim (katie and joe’s grandma) lives.

DAY 29

drove to pittsburgh (where katie and joe’s other grandparents live), arrived around 1, and slept until dinnertime. played at the lava lounge with slingshot dakota and bridgely moore.

(slingshot dakota)

after we played, i ran into Jen, who i met the first time we played in pittsburgh. she has an awesome sleeve of nintendo stuff, and carly (keyboardist in SD) has a the same zelda-hearts tattoo i do, so we had to take a picture together.

(nintendo ARM-y)

the show was good, but we got home really late. we discussed driving home overnight, but decided it wasn’t really worth it, since we wouldn’t actually get home ’til 8 in the morning, and then we’d just sleep all day anyway.

DAY 30

instead we got up at 730 and hit the road. i got home around 1, and spent the day loafing around in my underwear and eating cereal. i also shaved for the first time in months, and of course, took pictures of the process.

(in case you ever wondered what i’d look like with a creepy moustache that wasn’t drawn on with a sharpie)

friday night we played at fletchers in baltimore, and it was awesome (but i didn’t take any pictures)


days: 30

shows: 26

states: 21

new cities: 7

miles put on our van: 8,085

best new album of tour: Spiraling “time travel made easy”

best band of tour (not including second saturday or cruiserweight, who we play with every tour): now now every children

money lost: none!

money made: enough to record the drums on our new record (not bad for going to the west coast with gas around $3.50 a gallon)

sunday morning (11:20 am) we played at the federal hill street festival. the sound was awesome, but because it was so early, we played to amy, robbie, andy, some lady and her 4 year old, and all the vendors at our end of the street. but we ate and drank for free, got some money for the album, and were home by 3 pm. not bad at all.

spring tour blog VII

day 21

our second visit to dallas came to an end much too soon. 7 hours to little rock, and we arrived at a venue called Vino’s, which is a pizzeria / rock club. we got free pizza, salad, and a bunch of drink tickets, and there was a pretty good turnout. unfortunately, the other band’s fans didn’t really care about us, but the sound onstage was great, and we made about $100 off the door. our only offer for a place to crash sounded a little too rowdy for us, so we got our first hotel room of tour. as all touring rock bands do, we paid for a room for 2, with the intention of sneaking the other two in. but this particular hotel, we soon discovered, had not only a myriad of security cameras all over the parking lot, but a very active security guard. while joe and katie took all of our stuff in (which i’m sure looked terribly suspicious), mandy and i hid in the van. after laying low for a while, joe tried to sneak us the key, but the security guard kept cruising around the lot, obviously keeping a close eye on our van.

so we called the front desk and found out that it was only an $10 more for each extra person, which we promptly decided to pay.

day 22

after the worst continental breakfast ever (more like incontinental blech-fest!), we set out for kansas city. i spent pretty much the whole drive playing zelda III (still my favorite zelda ever), and we arrived in kc just in time to meet our friend brandon as he arrived home from work (brandon plays in a sweet band called the architects). he cooked us dinner, and for the second tour in a row, brandon wins for “best meal.” sorry, everyone else. your food was great, but brandon wins.

our show in kc was one of the best of tour – great sound, a super nice venue, other bands that were all good, and a very enthusiastic crowd. afterwards, we stayed up til about 5 swapping tour stories with brandon and drinking the fanciest gin i’ve ever had. we love kansas city.

day 23

off to minneapolis! our show was with, among others, now now every children

if i were to compile a list of bands you should be listening to right now, they would be at the top. hands down, my favorite band of tour.

the show was great, and it was surprisingly cold in minneapolis.

day 25 (i messed up in my numbering somewhere along the line. this is still the day after minneapolis)

after waking up around noon, our wonderful hosts decided that because it was such a nice day outside, we should barbecue for lunch. trouble was, they didn’t have a barbecue. yet. a quick run to target remedied that problem, and i set to work assisting in the assembly process.

however, midway through building it, we realized that we’d never get it put together and get the coals hot and get the veggie burgers grilled in time (at this point it was ten to one, and we wanted to leave around 1:30). so we fried the burgers in a pan, and they were still delicious.

i slept most of the way to madison, but woke up to see this:

i can only hope that this truck is on it’s way to new mexico to assist the human resistance there. a gigantic robotic dinosaur is just what those people need to reclaim their former home.

our show in madison was very good (we opened for Enon). we even got our name on the marquee (which only seems to happen about once per tour).

tonight we’re staying with our friend alex (who made our sweet tour poster), and we’ll be home in five days.

spring tour blog VI

day 18 (part 2)

new mexico is overrun with dinosaurs.

mr boots is excited by this

sometimes, they turn on each other.

this one got a human (though it’s a little hard to see – it wasn’t safe to get any closer)

i can only assume the human resistance is based here.

which may explain why the dinosaurs are still running wild. however, if you’re willing to risk death by large pointy teeth, you can get a sweet deal on meteorites.

you  can also get a good deal on rocks, if you don’t mind doing business with a demigod of the cretaceous period.

miraculously, we arrived in albuquerque un-devoured.

upon our arrival, katie’s old roommate brought us delicious burritos (a wonderful trend on this tour), joe got hit on by a goth troll (who, sadly, none of us got a picture of. imagine elvira, but squished. she blew him a kiss while we were playing), and mandy challenged a rather large man to a fight (because he said we weren’t from baltimore because we didn’t have any natty boh with us). fisticuffs were avoided, and we stayed with our new friend hadley.

day 19

we hit the road early for altus, oklahoma. i slept most of the way. just like last time, it was awesome. stephen brought us delicious mexican food, tons of kids showed up (75 on a tuesday night!), and we killed on merch. after the show, some kids were blasting our cd in the parking lot, singing and dancing along. we stayed at stephen’s, and a good time was had by all (actually very low key, because katie and i have been sick).

day 20

another early morning, this time to get to dallas (again). adam’s parent’s continued to spoil us, this time with homemade guacamole, delicious mexican for dinner (third day in a row!), and another excellent breakfast. our second dallas show this tour was not as good as the first, but the first was with cruiserweight, which pretty much makes any show awesome. the bar we played at was in the middle of the club district, so it was a never ending parade of thugged out dudes and women dressed like hookers outside the bar. we played for maybe 20 people, and made $10 off the door.
for whatever reason, i haven’t taken any pictures the last few days… i’ll try to get back in the habit.

spring tour blog V

day 15:

slept in at stacy’s house in san diego, and then she treated us to a delicious breakfast, because she is awesome. her 8 year old daughter Aria made us presents, because she is also awesome:

(they’re pink foam squares covered with shiny stickers)

we hit the road for long beach around 2 (so as to avoid traffic), and made pretty good time to brad’s house (a friend from when i lived in long beach). he cooked us a delicious dinner, and i spent most of the evening playing his various guitars (including a danelectro 12 string and a b-bend telecaster) and visiting with old friends.

our show was at the prospector with brad’s band, and was awesome! thanks to the prospector’s “whatever you want” bar tab policy for bands, nick finally got his drunk-dial (at what was apparently 10 minutes before his alarm went off in the morning).

day 16:

we slept til noon at our friend ben’s house, and then set out for the busiest day of tour. our first stop was the STAR 98.7 building, to record a few songs with our friend josh (we did the same thing in dallas last tour, when he was working there).

we should have a copy of the session sometime soon (we did the end, the door and can’t sleep), and assuming they turned out alright, we’ll probably put them on myspace or something.

we heard all about the smooth bands that had recorded there (the donnas, rilo kiley, the gogos, etc), and the walls were covered with promo photos from when the station was more top 40 oriented.

next stop: in-n-out burger, which joe’s GPS pronounces “innout burzure,” since we have it set to australian english.

yes, i’m eating a burger. i lose at being a vegetarian. in-n-out is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so i make the exception when i’m in california every couple of years.

after in-n-out burger, we met up with an old family friend of the O’s, a model who picked us up in her bentley. yes, a model who picked us up in her bentley.

she took us to a fancy french restaurant in hollywood where we met her husband and child, and we ate our second meal in two hours.

i don’t really believe that this happened, either.

after a particularly rough load-in (steep, rickety stairs), we played at On The Rox, which, predictably enough, is upstairs from the Roxy. a bunch of friends couldn’t make it out to the early show, so we didn’t quite make it to the 30 people required for us to get paid for the show. but of the 17 people there, one was in ozma and one was in the rentals, which counted for 13 extra people in my book. sadly, the venue staff did their math a little more traditionally, so no door money for us.

a college friend of mandy’s offered to take us sight seeing, so we ditched the van back at ben’s house (he had a show too, so we couldn’t just go home and go to sleep). we went to the tourist-y area and walked around for a bit, and i took a picture of c-3po’s footprints (in front of mann’s chinese theater).

we got to bed much too late.

Day 17:

woke up early and drove to payson, arizona (about 500 miles) for another early show. my family is awesome, and drove in from all over the state, and brought tons of friends, so our show was great (it was at a small coffee shop, and we were the only band, so we were a little nervous). afterwards, we went back to my aunt and uncle’s / grandma’s (they live next door to each other), and spent the remainder of the evening playing ping pong and scrabble.

i finally know someone as obsessed with scrabble as me – my cousin claire! she won a friendly game by going out with an impressive 74 point play (SITTINg/SARKS), thereby overcoming my substantial lead.

Day 18:

our last scheduled day off until we get home. i’ve spent most of the day playing music with my cousins (watch out for our sweet Green Day cover band) and generally loafing about. i hear that pizza is in the works for dinner, and probably more music. i may also try to get in some halo with my cousin ryan (though i am extremely out of practice), and probably another game of scrabble with grandma.

spring tour blog IV

day 11:

drove from dallas to el paso, which is about 600 miles. it took about 10 hours, and $270 in gas (our van gets horrific gas mileage). our show was pretty good – maybe 30 people, and the other bands were pretty good, especially the crowd the town and everyone. stayed with a friend in las cruces, new mexico, and slept like a log.

day 12:

got to tucson around 4, which i’ve been looking forward to all tour. the girls went out to eat with some relatives of the O’s, and joe and i went for our first round of viva burrito, my all-time favorite 24 hour mexican drive through. i’m a little dismayed to discover that they now 1) employ people who speak english, and who are totally inept, and 2) use pre-packaged salsa. small complaints aside, the burritos were awesome (and such a hit with joe that we ended up going back twice more in the 48 hours we were in town). then we were off to tattoo artistry, as is my custom when in tucson.

joe, not particularly enjoying the process (collar bones are a bit unpleasant to get tattooed).

my latest.

after getting tattooed, we decided that we had earned another burrito, so we went back to viva. meanwhile, the girls spent the evening in the hottub. tour is rough.

Day 13:

katie, joe and mandy spent the day with the same relatives as the previous night (they went to sabino canyon – see mandy’s blog for more on that), and i spent the day visiting old haunts in tucson.

my first stop was bookmans (a sweet used book and record store), where i picked up a copy of barbara kingsolver’s High Tide in Tucson, and when i started reading it, i found this:

not terribly surprising, since she lived in tucson, but cool nonetheless.

after bookmans, i got some pizza at magpies (which tastes much better when you haven’t had it for like 2 years), and stopped by savers (a big thrift store). i did not find the pair of pants i was looking for, but i did stumble across this:

i think i should have bought it. on the way home, i passed a business i had forgotten about:

went back to the house, did some laundry, and then when everyone had assembled, we went to yoshimatsu with my aunt and uncle. it was delicious. then: showtime!

a bunch of friends came out to the show – here’s me and some of them:

during our set, scott took a bunch of pictures of us with my camera:

it was really great to finally play a show in my old hometown… one of my favorite shows ever.

Day 14:

got up early, got yet another round of burritos for the road, and made our way towards san diego. on the way out, we passed another humorously named business:

i slept a good bit of the way to yuma, but woke up in time for a familiar site (just pretend those dunebuggies are dewbacks):

the yuma sand dunes, which you may recognize as tattooine (only the special edition scenes were filmed there – the originals were filmed in death valley and tunisia).

we made good time to san diego, but when we arrived at the venue, we found out we had to play first. lame, since we set up the show and asked all the other bands to play. but it worked out fine – we had as good a crowd as anyone, and the sound at the venue was great! stacy and aria showed up right after we started playing, and now the show just ended, so we’re headed to their house to stay the night.

spring tour blog III

day 8:

microwaved noodle bowls for breakfast (better than it sounds), and then we hit the road. 7 hours later (which mandy drove all of – she’s a trooper.) we arrived in dallas at exactly the same time as the pizzas that adam’s parents ordered for us did. after dinner, we did laundry and watched harry potter.

even if we didn’t play any shows here, this would be the best tour stop ever.

day 9:

no show, no drive. i messed around on the internet for several hours, updated my ipod, watched a bunch more arrested development, and was generally unproductive all day. we went out for mexican for dinner, and i had the best chile relleno i’ve ever had. ever. the best. ever.

we came back to the house, and were lethargic for a good long while. then we went in the hot tub, mandy rescued a giant frog from the pool, and we watched the first disc of lord of the rings (joe’s giving it another chance).

day 10:

our van has a new resident. meet Mr. Boots:

(not to be confused with my cat, Stegosaurus:

tonight’s show was at the Prophet Bar in Dallas, Texas, with the always awesome cruiserweight.

backstage, i found my new favorite band name scrawled on the wall in foot high letters:

we have a 600 mile drive tomorrow (the longest of the whole tour), so im’a call it a night.


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