spring tour blog VIII (finally)

DAY 26

unbeknownst to me, this morning would be the last time i’d have dependable internet access until we got home, thus the delay in getting this final blog posted.

we drove to chicago and met up with our old friend mappy. he took us to get delicious thai food, and then we attempted to go to the free zoo.

sadly, the zoo was closed, so i couldn’t do what the sign said. those people on the right look like they’re sinking into quicksand. whee!

our show as at a bar called quencher’s, who have always taken good care of us. unfortunately, we were the only band on the bill tonight (the local cancelled, and after us was open mic night), so we played for a small crowd, but a few friends came out which made it fun anyway.

DAY 27

our next show was in East Wonder Lake, which is only about an hour from chicago, so we slept very, very late. the wonderlake house is a punkhouse in a small suburb, and is awesome. before we played, the cops came by, but didn’t specifically say the show had to end, so we played anyway. this actually worked out very well, because it gave the show a sense of urgency, like every song might be the last one. a good time was had by all, and no one got arrested.

mr. boots has a new friend.

DAY 28

our last long drive of tour! 7 hours to cleveland, where our show had been moved from the now-defunct Davenport to the Soggy Dog House. we arrived early, so we went out for one of the few fast-food meals of this tour, at a chipotle across the street from this:

the show was the first of two nights with slingshot dakota, who rule. it was small, and full of PA problems, but fun nonetheless. afterwards, we drove to austintown, where Mim (katie and joe’s grandma) lives.

DAY 29

drove to pittsburgh (where katie and joe’s other grandparents live), arrived around 1, and slept until dinnertime. played at the lava lounge with slingshot dakota and bridgely moore.

(slingshot dakota)

after we played, i ran into Jen, who i met the first time we played in pittsburgh. she has an awesome sleeve of nintendo stuff, and carly (keyboardist in SD) has a the same zelda-hearts tattoo i do, so we had to take a picture together.

(nintendo ARM-y)

the show was good, but we got home really late. we discussed driving home overnight, but decided it wasn’t really worth it, since we wouldn’t actually get home ’til 8 in the morning, and then we’d just sleep all day anyway.

DAY 30

instead we got up at 730 and hit the road. i got home around 1, and spent the day loafing around in my underwear and eating cereal. i also shaved for the first time in months, and of course, took pictures of the process.

(in case you ever wondered what i’d look like with a creepy moustache that wasn’t drawn on with a sharpie)

friday night we played at fletchers in baltimore, and it was awesome (but i didn’t take any pictures)


days: 30

shows: 26

states: 21

new cities: 7

miles put on our van: 8,085

best new album of tour: Spiraling “time travel made easy”

best band of tour (not including second saturday or cruiserweight, who we play with every tour): now now every children

money lost: none!

money made: enough to record the drums on our new record (not bad for going to the west coast with gas around $3.50 a gallon)

sunday morning (11:20 am) we played at the federal hill street festival. the sound was awesome, but because it was so early, we played to amy, robbie, andy, some lady and her 4 year old, and all the vendors at our end of the street. but we ate and drank for free, got some money for the album, and were home by 3 pm. not bad at all.


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