spring tour blog VII

day 21

our second visit to dallas came to an end much too soon. 7 hours to little rock, and we arrived at a venue called Vino’s, which is a pizzeria / rock club. we got free pizza, salad, and a bunch of drink tickets, and there was a pretty good turnout. unfortunately, the other band’s fans didn’t really care about us, but the sound onstage was great, and we made about $100 off the door. our only offer for a place to crash sounded a little too rowdy for us, so we got our first hotel room of tour. as all touring rock bands do, we paid for a room for 2, with the intention of sneaking the other two in. but this particular hotel, we soon discovered, had not only a myriad of security cameras all over the parking lot, but a very active security guard. while joe and katie took all of our stuff in (which i’m sure looked terribly suspicious), mandy and i hid in the van. after laying low for a while, joe tried to sneak us the key, but the security guard kept cruising around the lot, obviously keeping a close eye on our van.

so we called the front desk and found out that it was only an $10 more for each extra person, which we promptly decided to pay.

day 22

after the worst continental breakfast ever (more like incontinental blech-fest!), we set out for kansas city. i spent pretty much the whole drive playing zelda III (still my favorite zelda ever), and we arrived in kc just in time to meet our friend brandon as he arrived home from work (brandon plays in a sweet band called the architects). he cooked us dinner, and for the second tour in a row, brandon wins for “best meal.” sorry, everyone else. your food was great, but brandon wins.

our show in kc was one of the best of tour – great sound, a super nice venue, other bands that were all good, and a very enthusiastic crowd. afterwards, we stayed up til about 5 swapping tour stories with brandon and drinking the fanciest gin i’ve ever had. we love kansas city.

day 23

off to minneapolis! our show was with, among others, now now every children

if i were to compile a list of bands you should be listening to right now, they would be at the top. hands down, my favorite band of tour.

the show was great, and it was surprisingly cold in minneapolis.

day 25 (i messed up in my numbering somewhere along the line. this is still the day after minneapolis)

after waking up around noon, our wonderful hosts decided that because it was such a nice day outside, we should barbecue for lunch. trouble was, they didn’t have a barbecue. yet. a quick run to target remedied that problem, and i set to work assisting in the assembly process.

however, midway through building it, we realized that we’d never get it put together and get the coals hot and get the veggie burgers grilled in time (at this point it was ten to one, and we wanted to leave around 1:30). so we fried the burgers in a pan, and they were still delicious.

i slept most of the way to madison, but woke up to see this:

i can only hope that this truck is on it’s way to new mexico to assist the human resistance there. a gigantic robotic dinosaur is just what those people need to reclaim their former home.

our show in madison was very good (we opened for Enon). we even got our name on the marquee (which only seems to happen about once per tour).

tonight we’re staying with our friend alex (who made our sweet tour poster), and we’ll be home in five days.


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