spring tour blog VI

day 18 (part 2)

new mexico is overrun with dinosaurs.

mr boots is excited by this

sometimes, they turn on each other.

this one got a human (though it’s a little hard to see – it wasn’t safe to get any closer)

i can only assume the human resistance is based here.

which may explain why the dinosaurs are still running wild. however, if you’re willing to risk death by large pointy teeth, you can get a sweet deal on meteorites.

you  can also get a good deal on rocks, if you don’t mind doing business with a demigod of the cretaceous period.

miraculously, we arrived in albuquerque un-devoured.

upon our arrival, katie’s old roommate brought us delicious burritos (a wonderful trend on this tour), joe got hit on by a goth troll (who, sadly, none of us got a picture of. imagine elvira, but squished. she blew him a kiss while we were playing), and mandy challenged a rather large man to a fight (because he said we weren’t from baltimore because we didn’t have any natty boh with us). fisticuffs were avoided, and we stayed with our new friend hadley.

day 19

we hit the road early for altus, oklahoma. i slept most of the way. just like last time, it was awesome. stephen brought us delicious mexican food, tons of kids showed up (75 on a tuesday night!), and we killed on merch. after the show, some kids were blasting our cd in the parking lot, singing and dancing along. we stayed at stephen’s, and a good time was had by all (actually very low key, because katie and i have been sick).

day 20

another early morning, this time to get to dallas (again). adam’s parent’s continued to spoil us, this time with homemade guacamole, delicious mexican for dinner (third day in a row!), and another excellent breakfast. our second dallas show this tour was not as good as the first, but the first was with cruiserweight, which pretty much makes any show awesome. the bar we played at was in the middle of the club district, so it was a never ending parade of thugged out dudes and women dressed like hookers outside the bar. we played for maybe 20 people, and made $10 off the door.
for whatever reason, i haven’t taken any pictures the last few days… i’ll try to get back in the habit.


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