spring tour blog V

day 15:

slept in at stacy’s house in san diego, and then she treated us to a delicious breakfast, because she is awesome. her 8 year old daughter Aria made us presents, because she is also awesome:

(they’re pink foam squares covered with shiny stickers)

we hit the road for long beach around 2 (so as to avoid traffic), and made pretty good time to brad’s house (a friend from when i lived in long beach). he cooked us a delicious dinner, and i spent most of the evening playing his various guitars (including a danelectro 12 string and a b-bend telecaster) and visiting with old friends.

our show was at the prospector with brad’s band, and was awesome! thanks to the prospector’s “whatever you want” bar tab policy for bands, nick finally got his drunk-dial (at what was apparently 10 minutes before his alarm went off in the morning).

day 16:

we slept til noon at our friend ben’s house, and then set out for the busiest day of tour. our first stop was the STAR 98.7 building, to record a few songs with our friend josh (we did the same thing in dallas last tour, when he was working there).

we should have a copy of the session sometime soon (we did the end, the door and can’t sleep), and assuming they turned out alright, we’ll probably put them on myspace or something.

we heard all about the smooth bands that had recorded there (the donnas, rilo kiley, the gogos, etc), and the walls were covered with promo photos from when the station was more top 40 oriented.

next stop: in-n-out burger, which joe’s GPS pronounces “innout burzure,” since we have it set to australian english.

yes, i’m eating a burger. i lose at being a vegetarian. in-n-out is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so i make the exception when i’m in california every couple of years.

after in-n-out burger, we met up with an old family friend of the O’s, a model who picked us up in her bentley. yes, a model who picked us up in her bentley.

she took us to a fancy french restaurant in hollywood where we met her husband and child, and we ate our second meal in two hours.

i don’t really believe that this happened, either.

after a particularly rough load-in (steep, rickety stairs), we played at On The Rox, which, predictably enough, is upstairs from the Roxy. a bunch of friends couldn’t make it out to the early show, so we didn’t quite make it to the 30 people required for us to get paid for the show. but of the 17 people there, one was in ozma and one was in the rentals, which counted for 13 extra people in my book. sadly, the venue staff did their math a little more traditionally, so no door money for us.

a college friend of mandy’s offered to take us sight seeing, so we ditched the van back at ben’s house (he had a show too, so we couldn’t just go home and go to sleep). we went to the tourist-y area and walked around for a bit, and i took a picture of c-3po’s footprints (in front of mann’s chinese theater).

we got to bed much too late.

Day 17:

woke up early and drove to payson, arizona (about 500 miles) for another early show. my family is awesome, and drove in from all over the state, and brought tons of friends, so our show was great (it was at a small coffee shop, and we were the only band, so we were a little nervous). afterwards, we went back to my aunt and uncle’s / grandma’s (they live next door to each other), and spent the remainder of the evening playing ping pong and scrabble.

i finally know someone as obsessed with scrabble as me – my cousin claire! she won a friendly game by going out with an impressive 74 point play (SITTINg/SARKS), thereby overcoming my substantial lead.

Day 18:

our last scheduled day off until we get home. i’ve spent most of the day playing music with my cousins (watch out for our sweet Green Day cover band) and generally loafing about. i hear that pizza is in the works for dinner, and probably more music. i may also try to get in some halo with my cousin ryan (though i am extremely out of practice), and probably another game of scrabble with grandma.


2 Responses to “spring tour blog V”

  1. 1 amebug April 13, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Holy crap these pictures of you slay me. You’re positively exuding joy in every single one (well maybe not the Scrabble one…that one looks a little more scholarly than joyous).


  2. 2 Ghostfreehood April 16, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Phil Collins:
    The Impulse or Invisible Touch?
    Either way, It’s against all odds.
    Ew…Someone open a window.

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