spring tour blog III

day 8:

microwaved noodle bowls for breakfast (better than it sounds), and then we hit the road. 7 hours later (which mandy drove all of – she’s a trooper.) we arrived in dallas at exactly the same time as the pizzas that adam’s parents ordered for us did. after dinner, we did laundry and watched harry potter.

even if we didn’t play any shows here, this would be the best tour stop ever.

day 9:

no show, no drive. i messed around on the internet for several hours, updated my ipod, watched a bunch more arrested development, and was generally unproductive all day. we went out for mexican for dinner, and i had the best chile relleno i’ve ever had. ever. the best. ever.

we came back to the house, and were lethargic for a good long while. then we went in the hot tub, mandy rescued a giant frog from the pool, and we watched the first disc of lord of the rings (joe’s giving it another chance).

day 10:

our van has a new resident. meet Mr. Boots:

(not to be confused with my cat, Stegosaurus:

tonight’s show was at the Prophet Bar in Dallas, Texas, with the always awesome cruiserweight.

backstage, i found my new favorite band name scrawled on the wall in foot high letters:

we have a 600 mile drive tomorrow (the longest of the whole tour), so im’a call it a night.


1 Response to “spring tour blog III”

  1. 1 amebug April 7, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Hope you’re enjoying your new tattoo!!



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