spring tour blog II

day 5:

a lazy day around chris’ house, mostly spent watching arrested development.  in keeping with our pattern of awesome free food, chris got us burritos from moe’s for dinner. the show in fort walton beach was small-ish, but good, and it yielded some very strange graffiti:


day 6:

mobile’s only an hour from pensacola, so we had another very relaxing day. the girls went to the beach with chris, joe did laundry, and i mostly just watched more arrested development.

our show in mobile was at the picklefish, which is a restaurant we almost always eat at when we’re in town (though a different location this time). after gorging ourselves on pizza, salad, and fried pickles, we played one of the most fun shows so far.

we stayed with our friend dave (who used to live on an island – see old tour blogs for more on that), though a simple misunderstanding led to us waiting outside his apartment for a while. some of us enjoyed this more than others:


while joe dozed/flipped me off, kto listened to her books on tape, and mandy probably knitted. then i took a bunch of pictures of the night sky:


day 7:

today we awoke to discover $100 in parking tickets on our van. we had parked illegally, but we had been assured that “people park here all the time.” not much we can do about that.

we made good time to baton rouge, where we are staying with the ostrosky’s cousin  colin. as soon as we got here, it started pouring rain.


we made the first batch of chili mac of tour, watched some more arrested development, and it stopped raining before we left for the venue.

the show was supposed to be with a local band we played with last time, as well as an awesome band from texas called the western civilization:


the western civilazation features, among others, a two-headed guitarist, a ghost, and a keyboardist who either has narcolepsy, or is just very hungry. or i’m still learning how to use my new camera.

unfortunately, the local band didn’t show up, so we played to our smallest crowd so far (somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 people, counting the other band). but we still got a little gas money, and sold a couple of cds.

there seems to be some debate about whether or not we still have a show in houston tomorrow,  so at this point i’m not certain where we’ll be tomorrow night. most likely, we’ll end up in dallas a couple days early (since friday’s show in austin fell through too), but that won’t be so bad – adam’s parents have just about the best house ever.


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