pictures of things and other things that i guess are not things?

one day i came home to flyers from both of my favorite-named pizza restaurants on my porch:






those zombies are gonna knock that pile of tires right over..



which one doesn’t belong?


because no one else as tall as me will ever be in my basement…



this book is not about who i hoped it would be.


It’s dangerous to go a-scone!

Take these.

I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time. I’m not even sure anyone will see this. which is a shame, because i know some people who love a good scone pun.

it is my intention to get back to posting things here occasionally, though i will have to post music somewhere else, as my space upgrade subscription ran out, and there are plenty of places on the internet to upload audio for free. like this one.

200X: best of



10. coliseum “house with a curse”

9. band of horses “infinite arms”

8. broken bells “broken bells”

7. new pornographers “together”

6. stars “the five ghosts”

5. murder by death “good morning, magpie”

4. the sword “warp riders”

3. superchunk “majesty shredding”

2. robyn “body talk”

1. apples in stereo “travelers in space and time”



5. fort worth “what’s that in your mouth”

4. next life “resurrection”

3. kid is qual “40”+”

2. forgetters “forgetters”

1. now, now “neighbors”


best of mix possibly coming soon.

the internet is not ready…

…for the song i just posted in the audio section. Nick and Marty will get the title, not too many others will. too bad.

more new music!

in the audio section, you will now find:

1 brand new song

2 somewhat improved versions of songs that were already posted

and 2 older demos, including the original version of holiday pants

more chip-y goodness!

this weekend i had a lot of time to myself, so i made a bunch of songs with lsdj (and some guitar).

1. the battle of pancake forge, a song i wrote for a game on my friend nick’s website

2. savior of syrup, blood of thine enemies, which may also relate to the game somehow (and which needs a few tweaks here and there…)

and 3. happy ocean stage, which isn’t for anything in particular, but it did make me want to sail around in Wind Waker, thus the title…

my first chiptune song!

i just got a program called lsdj, which allows you to compose music on the original gameboy. for my first attempt, i decided to make a chiptune version of a song i wrote a while back (the original is still on my old myspace that i can’t figure out  how to delete, at technically, this is my second chiptune song, because i managed to crash my computer after 5 hours of work on the first one (i made the same song again)

i give you: holiday pants (final boss stage version 2.1)


listening: a growling cat
watching:battlestar, again
reading: asimov, lovecraft
playing: a lot of GBA
consuming: apple crumb bread
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